The Most Common Oral Hygiene Aids Available in Palm Harbor

If you’re looking for help with your teeth, the best place to start is with the specialists of Palm Harbor. A Palm Harbor, FL dentist can provide a wide range of dental services, including professional teeth whitening, root canal treatments, and so much more. 

A dentist can also help you with proper dental care and hygiene, as well. Dental hygiene is an important part of overall health for many people, especially those prone to bad breath and tooth decay. Dental hygienists can offer advice on how to handle these issues. They may also be able to recommend new dental treatments or improve upon existing ones so that you can keep your teeth and gums clean, healthy, and bright.

Here are some of the most common oral hygiene aids available in Palm Harbor to improve your oral hygiene.

  • Dental flosses

Dental floss can be a useful tool for most people, especially those prone to gum or oral health problems. They’re often used to clean between teeth and along gums, as well as remove plaque buildup near the back of your teeth. Dental flossing is one of the most basic dental care practices you should follow for proper dental hygiene.

  • Interdental cleaners

Interdental cleaners are small, specialized tools designed to clean in between your teeth. They’re very small to fit comfortably in your mouth. Most interdental cleaners feature a dental tip shaped to fit the space between your teeth. 

  • Mouth rinses

Mouth rinses are a good way to keep your mouth clean and free of harmful bacteria. These rinses can help you to avoid bad breath and go a long way toward keeping your gums healthy. If you want to clean and freshen your mouth instantly, then keep some mouth rinses handy.

  • Oral irrigators

Oral irrigators are a popular way to clean your mouth, especially when you have a lot of plaque buildup. In fact, oral irrigation centers on flushing the mouth with water so that it can scour away plaque buildup, loosen food stuck in between teeth, and remove harmful bacteria. 

  • Rubber tip stimulators

Rubber tip stimulators are small, plastic tools that usually have some kind of soft rubber tip on one end. They often come with tips that are often replaceable. Rubber tip stimulators can be used to scrape away plaque buildup and remove food or other materials from your teeth. They can also be used to clean between teeth or along gums where a toothbrush may not fit comfortably.

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