4 Dental Procedures That Require Sedation

Sedation is the process where patients are given medicine before undergoing treatment to make them feel less anxious, painful, apprehensive, or afraid. It’s sometimes used for dental treatments that require removing teeth, making space for dentures or bridges, and procedures that are more complicated or lengthy than those undertaken during a routine appointment.

In fact, sedation dentistry in Winnipeg is becoming increasingly popular as people are more concerned about their dental health, thus, more and more people are willing to undergo dental treatments that need the assistance of sedation dentistry.

The following are the four dental procedures that require sedation:

  • Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to appear in your mouth. It’s between the ages of 17-25 when wisdom teeth start to emerge. Many people feel that having a wisdom tooth removed is one of the most uncomfortable procedures, which is why it requires sedation. But that shouldn’t worry you, as sedation dentistry can make everything less painless for you or your loved ones. So, wisdom teeth removal can be made less painful with the assistance of an experienced sedation dentist.

  • Root canals

This is another procedure that requires sedation as it is a bit difficult to endure the pain. The process involves cleaning the pulp chamber and removing the pulp from the root canals. A root canal is one of the most invasive and painful dental procedures, so having it done under sedation will help you keep relaxed, which is essential for your comfort.

  • Pulling teeth

Pulling teeth can be one of the most painful and traumatic procedures. Fortunately, sedation dentists are trained to give the right amount of sedation for your comfort, which will enable you to leave the dental clinic without feeling any pain or discomfort. It will also help your body relax and aid in reducing post-treatment pain. With sedation, pulling a tooth won’t be as painful as pulling a tooth, but it will still take a toll on your body. Sedation dentistry can help you get through the procedure more easily and comfortably.

  • Dry socket and infections

Having an extraction or tooth removal is almost always followed by an infection in the gums, which can cause pain and discomfort. With the assistance of sedation dentistry, patients will have lesser chances of having dry sockets or gum infections. During your dental appointments, sedation dentistry can be used to make you more comfortable and relaxed.

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