How to Grow Purple Cannabis Buds

Cannabis plants are usually green, but they can also be purple. Purple cannabis is becoming more popular because it often has higher THC levels, making it stronger. Here’s what you need to know about these unique purple buds. Do know more about weed delivery

Why Are Some Cannabis Buds Purple?

Most cannabis plants are green, but some turn purple due to growing conditions. This color change happens naturally, especially when cannabis is grown in cold temperatures. A pigment called anthocyanin causes this change. Normally, the green pigment chlorophyll is dominant, but in cold weather, chlorophyll breaks down and anthocyanin becomes visible.

The exact color depends on the pH level of the anthocyanin and can be red, purple, or blue. When the pH is neutral, the buds turn purple. Growers have learned how to grow purple cannabis in normal conditions. Different parts of the plant, such as buds, leaves, trichomes, and pistils, can turn purple. Sometimes only the leaves or only the buds change color.

Typically, this color change happens when the plant faces freezing temperatures at night. However, since the leaves are trimmed off after harvest, the goal is to grow purple buds with green leaves. Purple buds have high anthocyanin levels, which may offer health benefits like improved cardiovascular health and pain relief.

The Right and Wrong Way to Grow Purple Cannabis

Growing purple cannabis can be tempting because of its attractive color and high THC levels. However, avoid misleading methods such as depriving the plant of oxygen or exposing it to freezing temperatures. These techniques don’t work and can harm the plant, reducing its quality and yield. Also, avoid using food coloring to turn the plant purple.

The Correct Way to Grow Purple Cannabis

To successfully grow purple cannabis, you need the right seeds. These seeds should have a genetic ability to turn purple and contain high levels of anthocyanin. The process involves ensuring the right temperature conditions. In fall and winter, when days are shorter, chlorophyll breaks down and anthocyanin takes over. For the plant to turn purple, it needs warm days and cool nights, with about a 30-degree temperature difference. During the flowering period, the nighttime temperature should be around 50°F (10°C).

About 15 days before harvest, the buds will start turning purple if the temperature conditions are right. By following these steps, you’ll be able to grow high-quality purple cannabis buds.

Additional Tips

It’s generally easier to grow cannabis outdoors because you can better control the temperature and conditions. However, growing purple cannabis indoors is also possible, though it may be more challenging due to environmental factors.

Ensure the soil is suitable for cannabis growth. Poor soil quality or the wrong fertilizers can hinder growth. Always check the soil before planting.

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