The Benefits Of Hydro/Aerodynamic Massage

There is no longer any question here of massage caused by the air blower or of bubbles that massage you, but of pulsed water that is much more effective on the tissues of your body. These pressurized water jets for hydro/aerodynamic massage nevertheless contain air. This combination is propelled by nozzles distributed in the spa with pool chemicals. Often you can use a joystick to adjust the power.

The Operation Of Hydro/Aerodynamic Massage

A pump combined with a booster chamber draws the water from the spa and a little air to deliver them under pressure in the circuit that supplies the nozzles. The power of the pump is variable according to the spa models, between 1.5 and 2 HP. Not all bodies can withstand the same pressure, which is why a power lever adjusts the power of the jets.

Spa manufacturers choose the diameter of their nozzles according to the power of the pump. The larger the nozzle’s injection cone diameter, the greater the flow rate must be, and the more influential the pump must be. For large spas, particularly those in masonry construction integrated with a swimming pool, it is essential to take these parameters into account for the effective action of the jets.

The best-studied spas offer different hydro jets whose massage nozzles have a specific function (massage the vertebrae, massage the lumbar, back massage, neck massage).

The Benefits Of A Hydro/Aerodynamic Massage

This system is almost capable of replacing a physiotherapist. The water jets projected under pressure on the body participate in the deep massage of the muscle fiber and stimulate blood circulation. They rid the body of muscle soreness and heaviness, just like the hands of a practitioner.

Now, if the massaging jets are too powerful, you can damage the skin tissue. A tonic massage is beneficial, but excess should be avoided. Particular attention should be paid to the neck, hips, spine, and soles of the feet.

For the lazy, there are massage nozzles with circular and vertical action. No need to move the body anymore; staying perfectly still, all body parts will be massaged. These nozzles are installed on luxury spas and raise the bill. Those who are satisfied with a spa with classic nozzles will change position to alternate massage areas.

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