The Unfiltered Truth Of Root Canal Treatment

You might have heard about root canal treatment, how it can remove the infection, and is it painful to have one? Earlier, root canals used to be unpleasant. It is only natural to feel anxious about the treatment. However, root canal treatment in Bismarck dentistry is easy and painless.

Root canal treatment is a procedure to treat infection from the pulp, protect the tooth and prevent reinfection. The treatment will help save your natural teeth, reduce pain, and make your teeth healthy.

The unfiltered truth of root canal treatment

You may require a root canal if you have a cracked or chipped tooth, deep decay from an untreated cavity, or problems from the previous filling. You may need root canal treatment if you experience the following symptoms.

  1. Tooth sensitivity
  2. Unbearable pain while chewing or biting
  3. Bumps pain in the gum
  4. Cracked or chipped tooth
  5. Swollen gums
  6. Abscessed tooth
  7. Darkening of gums

If you are experiencing any such symptoms mentioned above, you need to get a root canal treatment as soon as possible. It is because the infection can spread and cause issues beyond your mouth.

How much time is required for a Root Canal treatment?

A root canal treatment usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to finish, and complex cases can take more than 90 minutes. It may require one or two appointments to complete the process successfully. 

How the process takes place?

To perform a root canal treatment, your dentist will conduct an x-ray of your teeth, determine if the procedure will be viable, and find out if the infection has spread to other parts of the mouth. After that, your dentist will numb the gum near the affected tooth with numbing medication and then inject an anesthetic into your gums. 

Once your gums are numb, your dentist will make a small opening on the tip of your tooth to access the affected pulp. The pulp contains sensitized nerves, blood vessels, and bacteria; your dentist will remove them carefully and clean all the canals in your mouth. A coating with antibiotics will be done to disinfect and prevent reinfection.

Is the process painful?

The root canal procedure is painless due to the local anesthetic that dentists use. The pain linked with root canal treatment arises from the tooth itself before you get them treated. Removing the infection will eventually remove the pain. 

Even if anesthesia is not used, you will not feel any pain during the root canal treatment. But to be safe, dentists use anesthesia to numb the tooth. You might feel a little pressure on your tooth but nothing more. 

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