Things that can compromise your CBD business

Sensory Guide to CBD marketing is gaining more and more momentum in the world of distribution. In fact, the olfactory atmosphere, sound and perception greatly influence the behavior of customers in stores. Therefore, a welcoming environment in keeping with your positioning can only accentuate your customers’ buying motivation.

Poor inventory management of CBD products

Inventory management is a key factor in the success of your CBD store. Therefore, you should be particularly vigilant in this area. In fact, repeatedly having out-of-stock products creates frustration among customers. In addition, consumers, faced with frequent product shortages, will not hesitate to visit the competition. Therefore, poor inventory management exposes you to massive customer churn.

Too limited opening hours

The number of hours a business is open has a direct impact on its profits. Indeed, the number of sales that occur between different time slots of the day is not the same, for example during peak hours traffic to your CBD store will peak. During off-peak hours, you will have very few customers. Generally, this type of business receives the largest number of visitors between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., that is, outside of business hours.

Poorly presented CBD products in your store

Good marketing makes it easier for customers to find the product they are looking for. With a poor layout of your store and its products, you risk diverting the attention of the consumer. According to studies, a good presentation of the products directly influences the purchase decisions of consumers, in addition, according to recent studies, 76% of purchase decisions are made inside the store.

Develop a virtual store

In addition to attracting a local clientele, building an online CBD store allows you to broaden your horizons. It is one of the best practices for CBD marketing. In fact, with an e-commerce, you have the ability to serve customers far from your area of ​​influence. In addition to this, with a website you have many ways to promote your products: such as through videos, blog articles, podcasts, etc.

Work with influencers to promote your products

CBD is a relatively young market. Although it is popular with young people, it is still not widely known by the public. This ignorance can sometimes be a brake on their consumption, hence the importance of marketing carried out by influencers who are in charge of promoting the products.

In fact, 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers. It is one of the best options for CBD promotions. With such a strategy, you are more likely to convince potential customers to try your products. However, be careful to respect all the specific rules of this industry, especially in terms of advertising and marketing.

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