How are Addiction and Depression Linked With Each Other? How To Deal with It?

The combination of addiction and depression is a very difficult disorder to handle. Because individually they can cause harm to your body and mind. So just imagine what they can do together, but this is not impossible to be treated. All we need to do is to determine the symptoms, risk factors, and all the treatment options.

If you have anyone who is struggling with this dual problem then they need to take immediate help before it is too late. This dual diagnosis in San Diego is done at Genesis Recovery which is a state-licensed, non-profit alcohol and drug rehab center. They have been using the Spiritually therapeutic treatment that combines the 12-step clinical model.

What is the connection between depression and substance abuse?

Depression is a mental illness that usually co-occurs with substance abuse. Therefore, it is said to be bi-directional. People who are suffering from depression are most likely to take drinks or drugs because they feel that it changes their mood and makes them feel relaxed. But what they don’t understand is that alcohol will increase the chances of feeling sad or fatigued. After the effects of drugs or alcohol wear off then there are higher chances of your feeling depressed by the way this addiction has changed your life.

Thus, it is said that both disorders can affect each other. For example, people who are going through depression are more prone to use substances to relieve their symptoms. On the other hand, substance use can exacerbate mental health problems or even cause them.

What are the risk factors?

Depression is not caused by just one reason. Various factors affect it including genetic, environmental, psychological, and biological factors.

This includes:

  • Traumatic incidents happened in childhood
  • First-degree family members who have gone through this depression disorder
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems
  • Some stressful events in life

Substance abuse also has certain risk factors like

  • History of family members involved in this substance abuse
  • Dealing through a lot of stress
  • Unable to cope with certain matters
  • Financial problems
  • Lack of love and care from loved ones, especially parents

What are the treatment options?

As per experts, both conditions need to be treated simultaneously to avoid any chances of relapsing. So, a combination of therapies and medication can be the best way to treat this co-occurring condition.

Therapies include– 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This helps to remove negative pattern of thinking that are the major cause of depression
  • Interpersonal therapy: This teaches a person to change his behavior and deal with major issues like grief or difficult transitions
  • Problem-solving therapy: This helps you deal with difficult life stressors and experiences.

Other than this there are treatment programs done at the rehab centers:

  • Inpatient program: In this, the patient will get 24- hour support and a structured program and monitoring
  • Outpatient program: This is for not so severe patients where the counselor will handle the patient on a regular schedule
  • 12-step programs: This is a spiritual level program where the patient will be taught to come out of this addiction and surrender himself to the high power for new hope and healing.

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