What You Should Know About Aligners’ Maintenance

Clear aligners are dental tools that subtly realign your teeth. Without the bother of wires or hooks, they straighten out crooked or mismatched teeth. Fort Lauderdale clear aligners are your best option.

Here are some quick ideas to help you clean and maintain your clear aligners:

Put your clear aligners away.

Use your clear aligners for at minimum 22 hours each day, taking them out only when necessary, such as: 

  • Prior to brushing:

Before brushing your teeth, you can take off your aligners. You can floss and brush as usual when the aligners are taken out.

  • Before consuming anything

Appliances are constructed of durable and flexible materials called clear aligners. They cannot, however, endure the force of your chewing. As a result, you must take out your aligners before consuming anything other than water. Unwanted pressure can damage the aligners, halting the course of your therapy.

Taking care of your aligners while dining out

Here are some pointers on maintaining aligners and being ready when dining out:

Always have a clean, ventilated storage box on hand for your aligners, so you may store them there when you take them out. If necessary, remove your aligners privately in a bathroom.

Before putting your aligners back on, clean your teeth and thoroughly rinse your mouth.

A thorough water-only rinse should be sufficient if speed is of the essence. Before reapplying your aligners, wash them with soap and warm water or submerge them in an aligner cleanser.

How are aligners taken out?

Clear aligners are simple to take out on your own without a dentist’s help. To avoid damaging or breaking your aligners each time you take them out, you must learn the correct removal method.

How can you quickly remove aligners?

Here are some recommendations you can use to take off your aligners quickly:

Move forward, starting from the rear and moving forward. First, try to pry the aligners away from the back teeth. The aligners should then come out as you gently move your fingers closer to the front teeth. In addition, you can use an instrument to remove aligners with a gentle hook to assist in pulling the aligners off the teeth.

Employ a tool for aligner removal.

In the early stages of your treatment, while you are still learning how to put on and take out your aligners, you might require an aligner removal tool. If the aligners have attachments, aligner dismantling tools are also helpful. Once you have grasped how to remove them, you will not need them.

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