LASIK – What Are The Treatment Options


The excimer laser has also evolved in recent years, offering increasingly efficient treatment profiles. Two optional treatment methods are particularly interesting today and are regularly used in LASIK:

The tissue-saving mode: as its name suggests, it allows you to dig less, reducing the corneal thinning induced by the excimer laser. It has no contraindication but can be considered non-essential when operating on low myopia on a very thick cornea. Conversely, it is difficult to do without it to operate on high myopia on a thin cornea without.

The personalized mode: because it limits the postoperative optical aberrations of LASIK, this mode of treatment is interesting when these aberrations are already present at a high level preoperatively or in patients whose pupil is of large diameter. It is especially essential when significant astigmatism is to be treated in LASIK because this operating mode ensures optimal correction.

Custom mode (or ZYOPTIX) does indeed feature true eye biometrics in the form of iris recognition. This recognition makes it possible to identify the position of the astigmatism axis to the nearest degree and to report this data at the time of treatment after recognition by the computer of the eye to be treated.

Because this recognition of the iris is as specific as fingerprints, this mode of treatment also eliminates any risk of error of the patient or the eye to be treated for a patient. This mode of treatment, the most sophisticated today, combining femtosecond laser corneal cutting and excimer laser in personalized mode, is often called ULTRALASIK.


The day of LASIK with discover vision center for example has finally arrived.

LASIK surgery is ambulatory; that is to say, the patient will return home immediately after the intervention.

The whole LASIK procedure will last less than 30 minutes for a procedure on both eyes, and the patient will then rest before leaving.

No preparation is necessary before the LASIK except for the absence of a port of lenses during the 48 hours preceding the intervention.

The LASIK intervention is strictly effortless thanks to installing a few anesthetic drops just before the operation, which takes place in a lying position.

All-Laser Lasik Operation 

In LASIK or rle surgery near me, both eyes are operated on successively, and then the patient leaves the operating room with dark glasses that protect him from light and avoid eye rubbing, which is strictly prohibited.

Transparent plastic shells are entrusted to the patient to protect his eyes from unwanted friction during the first night following the LASIK operation.

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