Diepenbrock Top Rated Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Fort Wayne

Dr. Diepenbrock Top Rated Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Fort Wayne

Many individuals who otherwise would not be able to function normally now can do so, thanks to the available treatments and popular plastic surgeon. Burns and other forms of physical trauma can need complex reconstructive surgery to repair the damaged tissue and restore function. An excellent cosmetic surgeon near Fort Wayne, IN, is as essential as a good surgeon anywhere else.

Plastic surgeons in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, region should have no reason for you to be concerned about their skills. However, if you aren’t in this area and need to keep your search private, you may want to look for cosmetic doctors in other areas. We’ve done the legwork for you, compiling a list of the finest doctors in Fort Wayne, IN, so you don’t have to. People like you are the driving force behind our lists, and this one is no exception. 

Though our listings are a good starting point, you should interview plastic surgeons to ensure they have the expertise in the areas you want. 

Ensure that the plastic surgeon you choose is someone you can trust and check their qualifications. Our list is here:

Dr Ryan Diepenbrock, DDS, FAACS

Dr Diepenbrock is a pioneer facial cosmetic surgeon with double-board certificates in DDS and FAACS. He offers practices in two locations in Fort Wayne, IN. He has excelled over the other cosmetic surgeons by completing the fellowship in facial cosmetic surgery, which the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery accredits. He also serves as the president of this academy currently. 

He is also certified by the board of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons. He also has an official website where you can read more about him, take an appointment, and consult him. Please visit: If you do not live any closer to this doctor, you may consider other doctors that are listed below:

Albert M. Morrison, MD

Dr Albert Morrison graduated from Indiana University with a medical degree and went on to get a Master of Surgery degree from Michigan State. 

Dr Robert Severinac

Robert Severinac is internationally regarded for his use of cutting-edge procedures. He graduated from Wayne University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine degree and is board certified in plastic surgery either by the American Board of Cosmetic Procedures. 

Matthew E. Shambaugh, MD

Dr Shambaugh has been a plastic surgeon in New Jersey since 1991 and has interests in aesthetic surgery and microsurgery.


Try to ask questions and develop your research before selecting a surgeon for your treatment. Please inquire about the doctor’s schooling, experience, and whether they are indeed a fellowship-trained surgeon. A surgeon who has completed a fellowship has received further training in a particular surgery beyond the requirements of a residency. 

Ask about the surgeon’s area of speciality and the number of operations they have done in the surgery you are interested in having done. Inquire about before and after images. Check the surgeon’s credentials, including their board certifications, schooling, and license. To get the best result, visit Diepenbrock facial cosmetic plastic surgery.


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