5 Reasons to Get Professional Fluoride Treatment from Your Dentist

Fluoride has been a staple in dental care for many years. It is proven to strengthen and protect the teeth from the bacteria that cause cavities. A fluoride treatment from your dentist in Shelby Charter Township can help prevent tooth decay and ensure a healthy smile. 

Fluoride treatment is one of the best things that you can use for maintaining good oral health. You can get it from your dentist or from other sources such as toothpaste and water. Most of the time, when you have a good fluoride treatment, you will reduce your chances of getting cavities by 50 to 70%.

Here are 5 main reasons to consider getting a fluoride treatment.

  • Deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth

The pits and fissures are the places where cavities are formed. You must get the deep pits and fissures treated because they are the locations where cavities can come to exist.  Fluoride treatment can help prevent the formation of cavities because it makes the surface of the teeth smooth, and your chewing surfaces will be protected from the bacteria that cause cavities.

  • Exposed and sensitive root surfaces

Fluoride treatment can prevent the exposed and sensitive root surfaces from being attacked by the bacteria that causes cavities. Exposed and sensitive root surfaces are very likely to get cavities. With proper treatment, you can best avoid encountering tooth decay due to these surfaces.

  • Frequent sugar and carbohydrate intake

Sugar and carb intake with a large number of meals and snacks can contribute to cavities. It is not easy to avoid frequent sugar and carbohydrate intake, but you can still keep your teeth healthy with regular fluoride treatments. As soon as you feel that a cavity is going to threaten you, get your tooth treated.

  • Inadequate saliva flow due to medical conditions, medical treatments, or medications

If you have a medical condition that impairs your saliva flow, you can get fluoride treatment to assist in repairing the damaged salivary glands. Having a good fluoride treatment can also provide a protective shield in your mouth that prevents cavities from forming. 

  • Recent history of dental decay

Cavities can be quite painful, and they are likely to occur again if they are not treated in time. If you have had cavities recently, you might want to get a fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatments can provide an effective shield against cavities and the bacteria that causes them. 

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