Tooth-Colored Fillings Are the Ideal Choice for Restoring Your Child’s Teeth

When your child’s tooth is decayed, tooth-colored fillings, which are also known as white-colored fillings or resin composite for kids, are used for restoring the tooth. Fillings come in various options depending on your preference for your child and the extent of tooth decay. However, tooth-colored fillings have become an ideal choice due to their natural look.

For many years, silver amalgam fillings were the most popular choice for treating cavities due to tooth decay. However, they have lost their charm and appeal due to the development of better, stronger tooth-colored restorative materials.

Seek consultation with a dentist

Seeking a consultation with a cosmetic dentist Rancho Bernardo will be most appropriate to determine if a tooth-colored filling is the best option for your child. Dr. Reza Hekmat’s Dental Care Clinic is the best family dentist in the area where you will get solutions to any kind of dental problem.

You will get high-quality care, the latest equipment, and concierge-like dentistry with or without dental insurance. They offer their patients worry-free treatment by opting for their In-House Dental Insurance plans that include discounts and offers on dental packages and treatments for the entire family. 

The vision of Dr. Hekmat’s Dental Care clinic is to be the best in its commitment to create smile that should feel good, look natural and last a lifetime. They have a list of many dental treatments available including pediatric dentistry that includes fillings for kids due to tooth decay thus, restoring their teeth. 

A pediatric dentist will examine the current condition of your child’s tooth decay, location, the size of the area to be restored, and the biting forces that will be placed on the teeth. This way, your child can achieve a healthy smile. 

Why are fillings needed?

Fillings are used for restoring the function and integrity of the damaged teeth due to cavities or trauma.

  • They help prevention of further damage to the teeth.
  • If the cavity is not filled, it will worsen and ultimately lead to bone loss.
  • In this case, your child might have to suffer from tooth loss

A good cosmetic dentistry Rancho Bernardo involves removing the decaying component of the tooth for treating the cavities. The hollow space is then filled with fillings. Composite resin is the most popular option for dental fillings in kids.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings are made up of composite resins that feel and give a natural appearance.

  • They are strong enough to restore the form and function of a decayed tooth 
  • They can be used for treating small cavities that are difficult to fill using metal amalgam
  • If the fillings wear over time or get damaged, they can be easily reapplied without the need of removing the original filling.
  • This makes the procedure quite simple in case of kids.

Advantages of tooth-colored fillings

1) A better cosmetic look: 

The most evident advantage of choosing composite fillings over amalgam is their improved look and the way they blend in with your child’s natural teeth.

  • Integrates smoothly with your child’s natural teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings are hardly noticeable
  • Your child can laugh, speak and chew just like before

2) Non-toxic, no leakage, corrosion, and mercury-free: 

  • Amalgam fillings have mercury but white fillings are made of a non-toxic composite mixture of plastic and glass
  • Since they are not made of any metal, there will not be any reactions or allergies in children.
  • Composite fillings never corrode, unlike mercury or silver fillings that rust and corrode with time.
  • There is no space for saliva leakage since the tooth-colored filling is directly bonded to the tooth
  • This makes the filling look natural and gives confidence to the child

3) Resilient to temperature changes: 

Composite fillings are less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures as compared to amalgam fillings that expand and contract when exposed to heat and cold items. This can lead to cracked or weak enamel leading to toothaches and damaged teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings do not fracture and can undergo temperature changes due to the insulating properties of the composite materials.

4) Durable and lasts long:

With the latest advancements, tooth-colored fillings are made of materials that will last for up to 20 years if taken care of properly with regular oral routine and dental checkup. This protects your child’s teeth and smile.

Moreover, if the fillings ever get damaged, they can be easily patched up which would not be in the case of amalgam fillings where the fillings need to be removed completely before repair. 

Modern resin composite fillings are designed to be strong and durable with no added thickness. A good pediatric pediatric dentist Rancho Bernardo can eliminate tooth decay and do the filling, preserving the original tooth as much as possible. This results in your child having a healthier tooth since the minimum amount of tooth structure is removed. 

A child’s dental experience needs to be painless and comfortable as much as possible. Therefore, you and your little one would expect the procedure of tooth-colored filling to be painless as well as quick. Visit Hekmat Dental Care Clinic where it would take less than an hour to remove decay and finish the tooth-colored filling procedure.

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