Alpine Chiropractic Health Center for Reducing Nerve Pressure Interference 

Dr. Michael Whalen is one of the best Alpine Chiropractic experts and eagerly serves the surrounding regions of Virginia Beach. Alpine Health center has certified chiropractor staff eager to offer holistic solutions to treat pain and medical issues. Patients are influenced to attain optimum health and wellness via treatment, training, and prevention. 

The doctor’s team uses multiple proven chiropractic techniques to lessen or eliminate nerve pressure or interference. For chiropractic care techniques like Gonstead, Decompression, Thompson, SOT, Webster, Activator, Trigger Point, Graston, Myofascial Release, and Active Release. Read more about their services and what to expect –

Laser therapy is a safe alternative to surgery. Advanced deep tissue laser therapy helps in effective pain management without concerns of side effects from drugs. The infrared light from the laser interacts with body tissues at cellular levels. Light energy gets transformed into chemical energy and cellular functions increase. The Chiropractor in Virginia Beach wellness center is well-trained in using laser wavelength therapy to treat a range of pain and injuries. 

Alpine Health Center has two licensed and experienced massage therapists. The chiropractic treatment concentrates on the spine and its impact on the entire body. Massage is a practice that impacts more than 600 body muscles. Alpine’s massage therapy reduces negative muscular patterns, decreases muscular/joint pains, improves physical posture, corrects constipation, and makes one feel relaxed.

Auto or personal injuries are unique. Multiple soft-tissue injuries go undocumented. Dr. Michael and his staff treat every kind of personal or auto injury. The wellness center is affiliated with multiple work comp insurance providers and their insurance manager objectively documents associated with injuries and improvement according to the standards. 

At Alpine Wellness Center, patients are taught corrective exercises. It helps them strengthen and correct body irregularities that cause pain. Several corrective exercises can be performed at home. It helps improve chiropractic care effectiveness. Pain can be due to misalignment in the muscle & connective tissue. Improper use of the back and neck can cause pain and headaches. Experienced chiropractors help patients feel good with targeted corrective exercises as well as stretched helping them attain proper balance. 

The chiropractors address every patient’s specific pain symptoms with chiropractic care yet they are eager to give them advice on a healthy lifestyle. What activities do they need to do or avoid preventing the unintended aggravation of a specific health challenge? Every patient deserves a healthy lifestyle including enjoyable activities. The doctors at Alpine health center use their expertise to help each one attain overall health and wellness. 

Spinal health is crucial. The experienced and certified chiropractor at Alpine wellness center performs Spinal & Posture screening. It helps to reveal crucial health information necessary to plan a suitable chiropractic care program before a situation turns worse. 

Alpine Health Center uses the most advanced chiropractic techniques and tools to evaluate and treat patients struggling with neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. The team concentrates on optimizing every patient’s body movement and uses proven care techniques. It helps to resolve the medical condition quickly as well as prevent the occurrence of this issue in the future. 

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