Wet Brain – Is It a Disability?

The number of people suffering from the wet brain is increasing in number day by day. If you are wondering what causes this problem, you have visited the right post today. It is the alcohol addicts who usually experience this problem. As the alcohol intake can show an effect on the thiamine levels in your body, it is important to stop drinking. Otherwise, it might lead to problems such as a wet brain. If you ignore this problem, your condition worsens. In fact, it can be deadly.

Is wet brain a disability? Head injuries and falls can be severe if you have vision problems or balance problems. Cognitive deficiencies and memory loss might result in lifelong disability and a shorter lifespan. People who really want to overcome their alcohol addiction problem must choose trustworthy rehab centers like Detox to Rehab. As their treatments are extremely affordable, drug and alcohol addicts need not have to think much about the treatment cost. 

When it comes to the wet brain, there is no specific test to confirm it. Most doctors suspect this condition by looking at the physical appearance of an individual. They will take several factors into consideration such as body temperature, heart rate, eye movements, etc., to check whether you are thiamine deficient.

Wet brain patients generally have less muscle mass and are more prone to muscle weakness. Thiamine is important in the formation of muscular tissue, which explains why. Because the illness affects a person’s gait, a doctor examines how they walk. Those with this condition frequently experience tachycardia or a rapid increase in their heart rate.

As alcohol can affect a person’s brain, they might get into depression as well sometimes. Such people do not have control over their emotions and do weird things. They might either harm themselves or harm others. Hence, taking them to a therapist is extremely necessary for the treatment. 


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