How To Make Delta 8 THC? Everything You Need to Know

Hobbyists often use the short-path distillation method. This will require a short path distillation kit. These steps usually include the following:

  • To complete the distillation process, you will need to add crude CBD extract and bleaching clay.
  • Gradually raise the temperature to around 205 degrees Celsius.
  • The distillation process will begin. The distillate will consist mainly of three factions. The faction that contains delta 8 will be collected when the extract thickens.
  • It is always best to send the finished product to the laboratory for testing. You don’t want to eat it if it contains harmful substances.

These steps will show you how to convert CBD into delta 8 using another method called the react method.

  • Get the CBD isolated. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, then purified to make a concentrated version. Usually, CBD is sourced from Indica and Sativa strains.
  • Add the solvent. Something like heptane is a good non-polar organic solvent.
  • Add the acid of your choice to the solvent mixture. Hydrochloric acid and p-toluenesulfonic are two common acids. The mixture should be kept at 100°C for between 1-18 hours. The mixture must be continuously stirred. This is usually done with a device called the stirring platter.
  • Remove the nasties. You will need to repeat this process multiple times with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate (distilled water) and acid. Rinse the solution and continue to do so until you find no more acid. This fancy device is called the rotary evaporator.
  • Use your results to optimize the process. There are many combinations and ratios of solvents and acids that you can use. Here things don’t always go as smoothly. To ensure its purity, the final product must be tested using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

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